Medium Weight Mech

185 cm

208 kb

Powers: Electricity Generation, Energy Gauntlets, Flight

V-Tron is the Flagship of V-Tronix’s Mech Unit’s, first brought online just a few months after the end of the First Rikti War. V-Tron was an idea that his creator, Vallen, had been working on for years. It wasn’t till after spending most of the war in a comma that Vallen was finally able to put the last pieces of the puzzle together.

Like his creator V-Tron is able to generate copious amounts of electricity. V-Tron is capable of using this electricity to subdue aggressors and deflect in coming damage. The energy is also used to power the Power Gauntlets on each hand for close hand to hand combat. When contact is made with an aggressors these gauntlets can stun and in some cases cause the target of these attacks to go flying. V-Tron is also known for hovering a few inches above the ground while in battle.

V-Tonix specifications for all V-Tron units states that their outer casing consists of an alloy of mostly Titanium and Impervium. The exact composition remains classified by the company. The internal workings of the larger V-Tronix Mech Units have been seen in public, V-Tron specifically has yet to be seen without his traditional coverings. The external look pictured here is the second version of V-Tron. The original was taken out of service after an incident in what is now known as the Shadow Shard. Details of this incident have still yet to be made public by either V-Tronix or Portal Corp.

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